Nollywood Mourns the Loss of Actor Brymo Uchegbu, Known as Don Brymo

Nollywood Mourns the Loss of Actor Brymo Uchegbu, Known as Don Brymo

In a heartbreaking development, Afeez Agoro Oladimiji, a popular reality TV star and acclaimed tallest man in Nigeria, has passed away. The Nation has confirmed that preparations for Agoro's burial have commenced at his residence on Community Road, Akoka.

According to reports, Agoro was rushed to the hospital yesterday after experiencing complications. His last Facebook post on May 28, following a successful hip replacement operation, expressed gratitude to God and signaled the beginning of his therapy. Throughout his recovery process, Agoro had been under the care of his personal doctor, Dr. Dike.

Agoro's towering height of 7 feet 4 inches had made him a unique and instantly recognizable figure wherever he went. His presence garnered attention and drew stares from onlookers. The news of his passing has deeply saddened the residents of the Akoka/Bariga community, who have begun sending in tributes and condolences. Segun Adesanya, the chairman of Akoka Community Development Association (CDA), confirmed the untimely demise of Afeez Agoro, describing him as a promising young man and expressing his wishes for his soul to rest in peace.

Nigeria mourns the loss of this extraordinary individual, whose remarkable height and reality TV stardom brought him both admiration and recognition. Afeez Agoro Oladimiji will be remembered for his unique presence and the impact he made on those who encountered him.

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