Ini Edo Celebrates 'Husband' Rita Dominic on Her Birthday, Calls Her the "One After My Heart"

Ini Edo Celebrates 'Husband' Rita Dominic on Her Birthday, Calls Her the "One After My Heart"

Actress Ini Edo took to social media to shower her dear friend, Rita Dominic, with heartfelt birthday wishes, accompanied by a touching tribute that revealed the depth of their bond. Referring to Rita Dominic as her "husband," Ini Edo expressed admiration for her sweet soul, highlighting her unique and extraordinary qualities.

Ini Edo's words overflowed with affection as she described Rita Dominic as the "one after my heart," emphasizing the profound connection they share. In an era where such deep connections are rare, Ini Edo credited Rita Dominic with possessing the sweetest soul one could encounter in today's world.

The actress made it clear that Rita Dominic holds an irreplaceable place in her life, acknowledging the significance of their friendship. She declared her everlasting love and unwavering devotion to her "husby," underscoring the depth of their relationship.

In the birthday message, Ini Edo expressed her profound appreciation for Rita Dominic, recognizing her unique understanding of their special connection. Their bond goes beyond mere friendship, as they share an unbreakable link that transcends conventional definitions.

As the heartfelt tribute concludes, Ini Edo reiterated her eternal love for Rita Dominic, promising to cherish their extraordinary bond forever. Her message serves as a testament to the enduring power of true friendship and celebrates the indescribable connection they share, which defies societal norms and expectations.

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