Skit Maker Trinity Guy and Parents of Alleged Victim to Remain Behind Bars Until August

Skit Maker Trinity Guy and Parents of Alleged Victim to Remain Behind Bars Until August

Oyo state Family Court has made a significant decision regarding the case of skit maker Maruf Abdullahi, popularly known as "Trinity Guy," who stands accused of sexually exploiting a 10-year-old girl. On Tuesday, July 11, the court ordered that Trinity Guy, along with the parents of the minor, Isiaka Ahmed (40) and Rofiat Ahmed (29), be remanded in Agodi correctional center until August 3 for mention. Magistrate Mrs. P. O. Adetuyibi handed down this decision.

Previously, it was reported that Trinity Guy was invited by the Oyo state police command on Friday, June 23, after the Force Public Relation Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, called for his arrest. The call for his arrest was in response to a video in which Trinity Guy allegedly asked a female minor to describe his genitals, insinuating that she had mistakenly seen them. Following Trinity Guy's disclosure that he had received the consent of the minor's parents before, during, and after the skit, the police also interrogated the parents.

The Oyo state police command stated that Trinity Guy's actions with the minor violated Sections 32, 35, and 36 of the Child Rights Act of 2023. The trio, including Trinity Guy, the minor's father, and the minor's mother, were arraigned before Magistrate Olúdáre Adebayo on June 26. They faced charges of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, which are in violation of Sections 516 of the Criminal Code Cap 38.

During the arraignment, the defendants' counsel requested bail for his clients. However, Magistrate PO Adetuyibi denied the bail applications, stating that the allegations against Trinity Guy and the other two accused individuals are currently under the attention of the state Ministry of Justice. Consequently, the court ordered the remand of the parents of the minor, as well as Trinity Guy, at the Agodi correctional center until the next sitting scheduled for July 11.

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