Bobrisky Cancels Birthday Celebration After Father's Death

Bobrisky Cancels Birthday Celebration After Father's Death

Renowned crossdresser and socialite, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, has made a poignant decision to defer his upcoming birthday celebrations as he grapples with the loss of his father.

Scheduled to mark his 32nd birthday on August 31st, Bobrisky took to his Instagram platform to share a heartfelt announcement that he has chosen to cancel his birthday plans. Instead, he will be dedicating his efforts to organizing a lavish final burial ceremony for his late father within the next 41 days.

Expressing his profound sorrow over the tragic news, Bobrisky revealed that he has shed countless tears, grappling with the inconsolable reality of losing his father. The crossdresser acknowledged the advanced age of his late father, who passed away at 78, but highlighted the undeniable emotional impact of a parent's passing, regardless of their age.

In his Instagram post, Bobrisky shared: "Have canceled my birthday party. Instead, I will be doing my dad’s final burial in 41 days. He died at age 78 days. Have cried and cried; I’m now tired. No matter how our parents are old you will never want them to go."

This poignant decision underscores the deep sense of loss that Bobrisky is currently experiencing and showcases the strong bond between a child and their parent, regardless of the passage of time.

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