Singer Portable Extends Heartfelt Affection to Nigerian Police Force

Singer Portable Extends Heartfelt Affection to Nigerian Police Force

Habeeb Okikiola, the acclaimed street singer who goes by the name Portable, has publicly expressed his admiration and affection for the Nigerian police. Through a video shared on his official Instagram page, Portable showcased police officers visiting his bar in Sango and declared his fondness for them.

In a display of camaraderie, Portable labeled himself a "Federal Government liability," playfully embracing the title. He went on to characterize the Nigerian police force as not just a friend, but also a brother to the citizens. The singer's gesture of goodwill and unity echoed through his message, as he called upon his fans and followers to extend love, respect, and cooperation towards the police, urging them to cease causing trouble.

With a sense of national pride, Portable referred to himself as the "Omo Ijoba IKA OF AFRICA," signifying his role as a musical representative. Additionally, he likened himself to the legendary Fela Kuti, signaling his aspiration to carry forward the iconic musician's legacy.

Portable's message culminated with a call for mutual respect and appreciation, emphasizing that the police deserve admiration and should be seen as not just friends and brothers, but also as fathers. He concluded with a patriotic wish for divine blessings upon the Nigerian police force.

The singer's endorsement of the police serves as a reminder of the complex relationships between public figures, law enforcement, and the general population. Portable's video and words convey a message of unity and harmony, spotlighting the potential for positive interactions between citizens and the police, and fostering an atmosphere of cooperation for the betterment of society as a whole.

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