Naira Marley Has Finally Speaks Concerning Mohbad's Death

Naira Marley Has Finally Speaks Concerning Mohbad's Death

Amidst the grieving over the shocking death of the young and talented Nigerian artist known as Mohbad, a wave of controversy has swept through the nation. Naira Marley, the head of Marlians Music, has paid his final respects to the departed artist. In his words; With heavy heart we moun the loss of an exceptional talent. someone who was more than an artist or signee but a brother and dear friend promise "Mohbad" Oladimeji Aloba. we send our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones, we are all heartbroken by this tragic loss and will truly missed.

From inception we recognized Mohbad was a froce to be reckoned with. His music gave so many people love and light Mohbad touched us all with his hearfelt lyrics, story telling, infectious smile and energy. the news of his passing has left us with a permanent hole in our hearts. 

Mohbad is an incredible street pop star who contrinuted to the foundation of the marian Music, Despite his departure last year we continually championed his talent. No family is perfect, familes have disagreements but no harm whatsoever was wished on mohbad. so many things left unsaid but the love was always there, This tragedy is not only a loss for us but to everyone you touched musically around the world. 

As we share our condolences to the late Mohbad we would like to echo a call for a through investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. we're unhappy and unsettled with everything we have withessed since Tusday the 12th sept. we owe it to Mohbad to assist with uncovering any foul play or injustice. Our brother deserved  a better send off, it saddens us that we couldn't assist with provding a befitting burial. we will continue our efforts to reach out to the family. 

We urge our colleagues in the media to treat this matter with the utmost sensitivity, respect and care, we publicly appeal to the authorities to do due diligence and we will work closely to support those handily the matter. Finally urge the online community to refrain from circulating damging accustions that could compromise the investigation. 

While the cause of Mohbad's death remains undisclosed, it has come to light that he faced assault and bullying during his efforts to leave the record label he had signed with back in 2019. These revelations have triggered widespread debate and discussion among the Nigerian public. 

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