Sam Larry Runs Away to Kenya! Incredible Noble Exposes Startling Escape

Sam Larry Runs Away to Kenya! Incredible Noble Exposes Startling Escape

Street dancer Incredible Noble has recently disclosed that Sam Larry, the controversial figure involved in the Mohbad assault incident, has allegedly departed Nigeria. According to his revelation, Sam Larry is currently in Kenya. This revelation surfaces as additional videos and evidence of the assault on Mohbad continue to emerge.

The incident, which has sent shockwaves through the music industry, began with the release of a distressing video showing the harassment and assault of Mohbad. The footage depicted Mohbad, seemingly in a wheelchair at a movie video shoot location, accompanied by fellow artist Zlatan.

In the video, Sam Larry can be seen assaulting Mohbad from behind before Zlatan intervenes, bringing an end to the altercation. The incident has deeply troubled fans and the public, who are demanding accountability and justice.

Adding to the controversy, an online document emerged, suggesting that Mohbad had filed a petition with the Nigerian police against Sam Larry. The petition, dated June 2023, was submitted in response to the harassment and assault Mohbad experienced during the filming of a music video with Zlatan Ibile.

Initial reports had indicated that Sam Larry was arrested in connection with the assault. However, subsequent statements from the police clarified that he had been invited for questioning but had not yet been arrested. This clarification was provided by the spokesperson for the Lagos Annex of the FCID, Oluniyi Ogundeyi, who emphasized that the reports of an arrest were false and untrue.

Amidst these ongoing developments, the revelation by street dancer Incredible Noble that Sam Larry has left Nigeria for Kenya raises additional questions and concerns among the public. If true, Sam Larry's sudden departure could potentially complicate the ongoing investigations and discussions surrounding the assault incident.

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