"Assuming I Had Died Few Days Ago; People Would've Understood Better What I've Been Facing" Chef Dammy

"Assuming I Had Died Few Days Ago; People Would've Understood Better What I've Been Facing" Chef Dammy

Chef Dammy, well-known for her Guinness World Record attempt to break a cooking record previously held by Hilda Baci, has disclosed her ongoing ordeal of living in fear and facing threats for months. Her attempt to surpass Hilda Baci's 120-hour cooking record brought her significant online attention.

In a detailed write-up, Chef Dammy shared how she faced threats, curses, and insults from individuals she referred to as "men of God" in the aftermath of her cook-a-thon. She expressed that these relentless actions have left her in constant fear and that she even came close to a life-threatening situation a few days ago.

She revealed some of the menacing statements she received, including a message that read, "By the time we are done with you, you will not be able to stand on your feet again." These messages were attributed to "people of God," which left her questioning their godly conduct.

Chef Dammy mentioned her resolve to choose the undefeatable God in the face of adversity and threats. She expressed her determination to continue despite the challenges, emphasizing that her faith in God has allowed her to move forward as if nothing happened.

In her message, she lamented the ongoing fear for her life and the persistent attempts to harm her, even after four months have passed since the incident. She questioned whether her critics would relent only when she stopped breathing and highlighted her intention to share her testimony as a source of inspiration for others.

Chef Dammy's account sheds light on the challenges and threats she has faced following her record-breaking attempt, emphasizing the importance of faith and resilience in the face of adversity.

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