"Baba Wa Ninu Oluwa " Actor Afeez Owo's New Photos Spark Sensation Online

"Baba Wa Ninu Oluwa " Actor Afeez Owo's New Photos Spark Sensation Online

Nollywood actor Afeez Owo has sparked amusement among his fans by sharing a humorous photo of himself dressed in a suit and holding a large Bible. The actor delighted his followers by sharing amusing photos from a movie set on his Instagram page.

In his caption, Afeez Owo expressed his enthusiasm for the latest project, proclaiming, "BABA WA NINI OLUWA 💪💪💪💪💪."

Recently, Afeez Owo opened up about some challenging moments in his life, revealing a near-death experience where he almost lost both of his legs due to illness. In a heartfelt conversation with Biola Adebayo, he shared how his sickness had left him on the brink of paralysis but credited his survival to the support of his father's elder sister, who is both highly educated and affluent.

The actor also touched upon the topic of prophetic visions, noting that various prophets had foreseen his impending demise during his illness. However, he emphasized his triumph over adversity and how everything happening in movies today reflects real-life experiences from the past.

The video, which recounted his struggles and triumphs, was met with an outpouring of love from his fans, who expressed their affection using love emojis.

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