“Mohbad starts vomiting after he was injected by the nurse” Explosive Revelation at Mohbad Inquest

“Mohbad starts vomiting after he was injected by the nurse” Explosive Revelation at Mohbad Inquest

In the ongoing Mohbad case, a significant development unfolded today as the coroner's inquest commenced its proceedings. The courtroom was filled with Mohbad's close family, friends, and his wife, which added an emotional dimension to the investigation.

During the inquest in Ikorodu, a key eyewitness shared shocking insights into the events leading up to Mohbad's untimely death. The witness revealed that Mohbad began experiencing severe vomiting after an injection administered by a nurse, raising questions about the nature of the injection and the need for further inquiry.

Additionally, the witness disclosed that Mohbad had also vomited after consuming a meal prepared by his brother, Adura Aloba, the day before his passing. This detail adds complexity to the case, prompting speculation about potential connections between these incidents and Mohbad's tragic end.

The testimony also included an incident during their return from a show in Ikorodu, where their Prado jeep was blocked, leading to an altercation in which Mohbad confronted his friend, Prime Boy, and sustained injuries.

Notably, recent concerns have been raised about the possible involvement of Mohbad's wife, Omawumi, in his death, and suggestions have emerged about conducting a DNA test to confirm the paternity of her son.

In a different perspective, controversial media personality Tosin SilvaAdam defended Mohbad's wife, emphasizing the importance of staying focused on uncovering the truth behind Mohbad's passing and identifying the responsible party. The coroner's inquest continues to unravel the complex events surrounding this case.

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