Why My Dad Disowned Me Over Phone- Hilda Baci Reveals

Why My Dad Disowned Me Over Phone- Hilda Baci Reveals

Nigerian chef and Guinness World Record holder, Hilda Baci, known for her impressive achievements, recently revealed a surprising and personal aspect of her life. During an interview on the Tea With Tay podcast, Hilda Baci disclosed that her own father had disowned her.

In her candid revelation, Hilda explained that her "daddy issues" stemmed from a feeling of abandonment. She acknowledged that her father had initially been present in her life to some extent, but family conflicts between her parents led to collateral damage for her and her brother. Her father's decision to disown her occurred when she was already well into her third year of university. This sudden change was particularly striking to her because they were almost at the point of financial independence, and her father's action was unexpected.

Hilda recounted a pivotal moment when she called her father, asking if he would bring food for her matriculation ceremony, and his response was, "Who is your dad?" This stark comment made her realize the depth of the issues between her parents and the seriousness of her father's decision to disown her.

Hilda's heartfelt revelation sheds light on a personal struggle that many people can relate to, highlighting the complexities of family dynamics and the impact of such decisions on individuals.

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