Actor Lekan Olatunji Shares Heartbreaking Details of Wife's Passing and Faces Life as a Single Father

Actor Lekan Olatunji Shares Heartbreaking Details of Wife's Passing and Faces Life as a Single Father

Renowned actor Lekan Olatunji, based in Abeokuta, opens up about the recent tragic loss of his beloved wife, revealing the circumstances surrounding her untimely passing. In an interview with Sunday Adigaun, Head of TV at City People, Olatunji shares the emotional journey of dealing with his wife's illness, unexpected demise, and the challenges he now faces as a single father.

Lekan expresses gratitude to God for sparing his life in a severe accident the previous year but acknowledges the profound grief he feels over his wife's sudden death. The actor reveals that his wife had been battling cancer, a condition that initially went undetected. Despite seeking medical attention for backache complaints, it was only later revealed that cancer had affected her spinal cord.

Detailing the medical journey, Olatunji discloses that they managed to raise funds for the first surgery, which was successful. However, the cancer had already affected the spinal cord, making a second surgery necessary. Unfortunately, before the second procedure, his wife experienced breathing difficulties, and despite efforts, she passed away. Lekan expresses the pain of losing his wife, highlighting her role as a support system in his life.

The interview also touches on Olatunji's unexpected online fame and the release of his upcoming movie, "The Life of a Single Father." He briefly discusses the challenges he faces as a single parent, sharing personal moments like forgetting to pick up his kids from school. Despite the difficulties, Lekan expresses gratitude for the grace of God and the support he received during this challenging period.

This in-depth interview provides a poignant look into the life of a grieving actor, shedding light on his personal struggles and resilience as he navigates the responsibilities of being a single father.

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