"'i'm A Man, I Dressed As A Woman For Help" Viral Disabled Hawker Reveals

"'i'm A Man, I Dressed As A Woman For Help" Viral Disabled Hawker Reveals

Eniola, the widely discussed disabled hawker from Osun State, has recently addressed the ongoing discussions about his gender during an Instagram live session. He made it clear that he is a man, not a woman, settling the online debates about his identity.

The revelation came on November 8th, 2023, when netizens unearthed photos of Eniola, conclusively confirming his true gender. These images provided clarity and put an end to the speculation surrounding Eniola's identity.

Eniola initially gained widespread attention after skitmaker Brain Jotter generously gifted him N400,000 upon encountering him hawking water on the streets. The intention was to support Eniola's t

transition from street hawking to focusing on his makeup business, during which he presented himself as a female.

However, recent online disclosures by Brain Jotter revealed that Eniola had already received a sum of N600,000 a month prior to the widely publicized gift. Despite the financial assistance received, Eniola continued to be seen on the streets, raising concerns about the use of his disability to manipulate people.

In an Instagram live video, Eniola openly admitted to presenting as a woman to attract help from people. He expressed frustration, stating that despite years of hustling, nobody had genuinely helped him. The revelation added a new dimension to the narrative, shedding light on Eniola's perspective and the challenges he faces.

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