"which planet did you zombies fall from" Iyabo Ojo Hits Back at Very Dark Man Reveals Truth About Her Ties with Naira Marley

"which planet did you zombies fall from" Iyabo Ojo Hits Back at Very Dark Man Reveals Truth About Her Ties with Naira Marley

Nollywood sensation Iyabo Ojo has clapped back at Very Dark Man (VDM), a prominent social media activist, in a dramatic social media feud centered around her alleged relationship with controversial singer Naira Marley. The ongoing feud has gripped the online community, with both sides airing their grievances and VDM going to great lengths to present video evidence supporting his claims of Iyabo Ojo's past closeness to Naira Marley.

VDM's assertion that Naira Marley once sent Iyabo Ojo flowers became a focal point of the dispute. In a video, VDM argued that Iyabo initially believed these flowers were intended for her daughter, insinuating a complex connection between Naira Marley, Iyabo Ojo's daughter, and the actress herself.

Iyabo Ojo, however, took to her Instagram account to address the allegations, drawing a parallel with a previous situation where she faced similar accusations while defending Baba Ijesha. She stressed the antiquated nature of slut-shaming as a tool against women, firmly refusing to be shackled by such tactics.

In her defiant Instagram post, Iyabo Ojo exuded confidence and asserted that her detractors do not measure up to her. She dispelled the notion that she had only received flowers, recounting her attendance at Naira Marley's concerts.

The actress raised an eyebrow at the apparent selective memory of her accusers and underlined her unwavering commitment to seeking justice for Mohbad. She made it abundantly clear that she would not be silenced by any means.

Iyabo Ojo also took a swipe at her critics, challenging them to find more effective ways to distract her, as she remained unmoved by their efforts. She elaborated on the concept of "back to sender," suggesting that the consequences of negative actions would eventually return to the perpetrators, who might unwittingly curse themselves.

Moreover, she directed her criticism towards those who employ distractions, urging them to step up their game and hinting at a pending legal case. She called for the immediate release of autopsy results from Ikeja General Hospital, adding an air of anticipation to her post.

Lastly, she revealed that she is eagerly awaiting the 7th of November for a specific reason and emphasized the need for justice to prevail. The drama continues to unfold, captivating social media audiences with its twists and turns.

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