Actress Nkechi Blessing Clarifies Relationship Status Amidst Engagement Speculations

Actress Nkechi Blessing Clarifies Relationship Status Amidst Engagement Speculations

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing takes a moment to set the record straight amid growing speculations about her relationship status, particularly regarding engagement. Observations of her wearing a wedding ring led to assumptions, but Blessing dispelled the rumors and provided clarification.

In her statement, Nkechi emphasizes that her choice to wear rings, especially on a particular finger, is driven by her love for accessories rather than indicative of her engagement status. She urges people not to jump to conclusions whenever they see a ring on her finger.

In her own words, she states, "I am going to say this for the very last time and I won't say it again. Anytime you see me wearing rings, especially on this finger, don't come and start writing things like 'Oh congratulations, oh dem do finally engage her.'"

Nkechi further highlights her consistent love for rings, expressing frustration with the assumptions made about her relationship whenever she wears them. She implores others to respect her personal choices and not to draw conclusions about her engagement status solely based on the presence of a ring.

In conclusion, Nkechi urges, "Cut me some slack guys, what is this? So abeg make una stop to dey write congratulations. It is just something I love, and I cannot do without it just because you have a problem with it." The actress emphasizes the need for understanding and respect for her personal preferences, separating them from speculations about her relationship.

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