"My Wife Fought Me For Not Posting Her On Social Media”- Actor Peters Ijagbemi Reveals

"My Wife Fought Me For Not Posting Her On Social Media”- Actor Peters Ijagbemi Reveals

In a recent tell-all interview on colleague Biola Bayo's talk show, Nigerian actor Peter Ijagbemi delved into the intricacies of his failed marriage, offering a unique perspective on the challenges that led to its dissolution.

Peter candidly shared that his wife played the decisive role in ending their marriage, citing a multitude of persistent issues that had reached a tipping point. While acknowledging his own flaws, the actor refrained from publicly discussing the imperfections of his now-ex-wife. He attributed this discretion to a deep concern for the well-being of their children, expressing a desire to shield them from potential negative narratives on the internet.

The actor provided a detailed timeline of their relationship journey, revealing that they first crossed paths in 2011, exchanged vows in 2016, and ultimately parted ways in 2022. Peter highlighted a specific source of contention that fueled the discord – his wife's insistence on being featured prominently on social media platforms. Despite being a public figure, Peter expressed discomfort with flaunting his personal life online, leading to disagreements within the marriage.

Peter's commitment to privacy became a focal point of the interview. He explained, "Nobody can know because I don’t flaunt my woman or my relationship on Instagram. At a point, she was fighting me for not posting her on his page." This revelation provided a unique glimpse into the challenges faced by individuals in the public eye, navigating the delicate balance between personal privacy and public expectations.

Throughout the interview, Peter maintained a measured and respectful tone when discussing his ex-wife. He emphasized that despite the differences that led to the separation, she had been a good partner to him. The actor's openness about the complexities of his failed marriage offered viewers a rare and authentic glimpse into the personal struggles faced by public figures, adding a layer of humanity to the often-glamorized world of celebrities.

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