Actress Debbie Shokoya Dedicates New Movie to Late Child, Expresses Grief and Strength

Actress Debbie Shokoya Dedicates New Movie to Late Child, Expresses Grief and Strength

Nollywood actress Deborah Shokoya, popularly known as Debbie, continues to mourn the loss of her child and has found solace in the release of a new movie, "IRIN AYANMO," dedicated to her late child. In a heartfelt note, she acknowledges the enduring pain of loss, emphasizing how such experiences become a part of one's strength.

Debbie credits her departed child for teaching her valuable lessons in sacrifice and resilience. She expresses the trauma of the experience but emphasizes how it has made her stronger.

In a touching message dedicated to her "cute little one," she highlights the sacrifices made for her well-being, the paving of ways without stress, and the strength gained through the experience. Despite the daily longing to hold her child again, Debbie acknowledges God's greater plans.

The movie, "IRIN AYANMO," is set to premiere on January 18, and Debbie invites the world to witness its depth, expressing gratitude to everyone who takes the time to watch.

In a separate post, Debbie appeals to those who supported her during her difficult times to help promote her new movie. She shares a message of hope, reminding everyone that no matter how dark life may seem, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Reflecting on a past miscarriage in August 2023, Debbie emotionally recounts the painful experience in an Instagram video. Despite the challenges, she expresses gratitude for God's plan, acknowledging her strength in overcoming pains and bruises. Debbie seizes the opportunity to announce her upcoming movie, celebrating her resilience as a woman and actress.

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