"Nigerians Would Soon Enjoy Benefits Of Tough Decisions I've Taken" President Tinubu Vows

"Nigerians Would Soon Enjoy Benefits Of Tough Decisions I've Taken" President Tinubu Vows

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has pledged that Nigerians will soon witness the positive outcomes of the tough decisions made during his tenure. Speaking at a meeting with the South-South Monarchs Forum, led by Chairman Major-General Felix Mujakperuo (Rtd), Tinubu expressed gratitude for the traditional leaders' support, especially in endorsing economic reforms such as the removal of the fuel subsidy.

During the meeting, Tinubu emphasized his administration's commitment to addressing concerns related to development and environmental degradation in the South-South region. He acknowledged the crucial role of the traditional institution, stating that they would be a valuable source of intelligence for the holistic development of the country.

Tinubu sought the continued support, prayers, and understanding of the traditional leaders, assuring them that their concerns would be addressed systematically. He encouraged open communication, stating, "Anytime you need to tell us something, do not hesitate to reach out to this office. I will take on all of your concerns, and I will address each of them one by one."

The President highlighted the importance of the traditional institution's contributions to the peace and stability of the country, urging them to guide the youth to maintain faith in the nation. Tinubu concluded with optimism, stating, "The light is already visible at the end of the tunnel," emphasizing the administration's dedication to revitalizing the economy and fostering national progress.

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