Over 32462 Nigerians Apply For Passports In Two Weeks

Over 32462 Nigerians Apply For Passports In Two Weeks

In a remarkable trend indicative of Nigerians' growing aspirations for international opportunities, a staggering 32,462 individuals have actively pursued the acquisition of international passports, submitting their requisite documents online through the Nigeria Immigration Service website. The surge occurred between January 8 and 21, 2024, marking a significant crescendo in the quest for greener pastures abroad.

Providing insights into the statistics, Comptroller-General of Immigration Service, Caroline Adepoju, shared the data during her visit to the Ikoyi and Alausa passport offices. Out of the total applications, a noteworthy 15,113 have already received approval for biometric capture and production, constituting a remarkable 50% of the overall submissions.

Adepoju delved into the specifics, revealing that 11,505 applications are currently awaiting approval, indicating the persistent demand for international travel documentation. Additionally, 3,406 individuals, having made payments, are yet to schedule appointments for further processing. Notably, 1,438 applications are under scrutiny for various reasons, adding a layer of complexity to the processing pipeline.

Highlighting the efficiency of the new automated passport application process, Adepoju emphasized the positive impact of the online upload of supporting documents. This innovation, she noted, has substantially improved the approval rates. The Immigration boss clarified that while the automation itself is not novel, the integration of online document submission represents a research-driven decision that has yielded significant successes in streamlining the application process.

As Nigerians continue to look beyond their borders for opportunities, the surge in passport applications reflects a broader narrative of ambition and the pursuit of a global stage for personal and professional growth.

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