Actor Seun Jimoh Advises Women Not To Confess To Cheating

Actor Seun Jimoh Advises Women Not To Confess To Cheating

In a recent social media post, Seun Jimoh, a well-known Yoruba actor, has offered advice to women, suggesting that they should never confess to infidelity. According to Jimoh, men are unforgiving when it comes to their partners cheating on them.

Jimoh took to Instagram to caution women against disclosing their extramarital affairs or adultery to their partners. He justified his stance by arguing that since men are not forgiving of infidelity, it's better for women to keep their transgressions concealed.

In his post, he wrote: "Dear female, I know this may be a hard pill for men to swallow, if you ever by mistake cheat on your man, don’t ever confess! keep it between you and God. Men don’t forgive cheating and if they forgive you, they will hold it over and punish you with it for the rest of your life."

Jimoh's advice has sparked debate on social media platforms, with some agreeing with his perspective while others criticize it, calling for transparency and honesty in relationships. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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