“My Husband Is My Slave Driver” Actress Debbie Shokoya Reveals

“My Husband Is My Slave Driver” Actress Debbie Shokoya Reveals

Nollywood actress Debbie Shokoya has publicly thanked her husband, Mr. Adetola, for being her pillar of support and encouraging her dreams. In an Instagram post, she affectionately referred to him as her "better half" and expressed gratitude for having a spouse who believes in her aspirations.

Debbie shared how her husband's encouragement has been a source of strength, stating that when she expresses her desire to achieve something, he responds with unwavering support, saying, "How high? You can do it!" She appreciated him for prioritizing her happiness and dreams, highlighting his selflessness.

The actress also acknowledged his steadfast support during the filming of her movie, emphasizing his role in reminding her of her strength and encouraging her to give her best. She described her husband as her "partner in success" and expressed heartfelt thanks for making her dreams come true.

In addition to her husband, Debbie extended gratitude to her best friend, @habeebalagbe, for providing continuous encouragement similar to her husband's. The actress expressed deep appreciation for both her husband and best friend, emphasizing their positive influence on her journey.

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