Gospel singer Dunsin Oyekan secretly engaged

Gospel singer Dunsin Oyekan secretly engaged

Gospel singer Dunsin Oyekan is getting married again after five years since his wife passed away. He is preparing to tie the knot once more. According to sources, the talented gospel singer recently got engaged to a woman who likes to keep her life private.

It is expected that they will get married before the year 2024 ends. The source mentioned that Oyekan has introduced his fiancée to some important spiritual figures in his life, which suggests that their relationship is serious.

There were rumors circulating about Oyekan possibly being romantically involved with another gospel artist, Victoria Orenze. This speculation gained momentum after a gossip platform shared a post featuring a photo of Oyekan and Orenze with a suggestive caption. This led to widespread speculation and discussion among fans and followers.

However, Lara Wise, a journalist, clarified the situation. She stated that as far as she knows, Dunsin Oyekan is engaged to someone else. The woman he is engaged to is described as quiet and not seeking attention in the public eye. Lara Wise also mentioned that this engagement happened last year. Oyekan has taken his fiancée to meet some influential spiritual figures in his life, dispelling any rumors about a romantic involvement with Victoria Orenze.

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