"I Cover My Head At Church And Wear Long Skirts" Nigerian Bride Responds To Backlash Over Wedding Day Message

"I Cover My Head At Church And Wear Long Skirts" Nigerian Bride Responds To Backlash Over Wedding Day Message

Deborah Ocheido, a Nigerian bride, has addressed the criticism she faced on her wedding day for advocating against nudity, using herself as an example.

Ocheido faced heavy backlash as she indirectly criticized those who expose their bodies, opting instead for modesty and natural beauty on her big day. Sharing photos from her wedding, she emphasized that one doesn't need to be naked to be beautiful, even on their wedding day.

Netizens had mixed reactions to Ocheido's statements:

Jj Winifred wrote, “You can be decent and not chase clout, validation or unnecessary pick me attitude with it! So stop cause that’s who you are and not cause you want to prove a point.”

Siimisolaa wrote, “The fact that you’re not dressing naked doesn’t make you a good person… What if you worse pass those wey dey naked for social media? Alaye do your thing in peace.”

Desmond wrote, “I wonder why people are pained by her statement when she is right.”

I Am Toyocee wrote, “Do your wedding how you want and face front madam.”

Beredible wrote, “You could not even give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your wedding because of the yeye thing in your mind. Make sure you wear Agbada to bed.”

Luchy Claire wrote, “I have never seen a naked bride. What is she talking about?”

Shes Precious wrote, “Face your marriage and leave those who want to be naked alone. To each their own.”

Deborah's steadfast defense underscores her commitment to promoting modesty and natural beauty, despite facing criticism and opposition.

In response to the heavy criticisms she received, Deborah doubled down on her statement, noting how her traditional wedding was an avenue for her to push her agenda against nudity. She stated that she had no reply for those who think indecency is a problem.

Deborah wrote:

"My name is Deborah! I ran a campaign last year themed “Covabodi”. I believe that women are beautiful even without exposing sensitive parts of their body. I don’t impose it on anybody. I share with those who care to listen. I carry my hyper-pigmented face everywhere (I am getting good skincare to help it get better). I wrap my head to church and I wear big big skirts. That’s how secure in myself I am. I have been dragged by the biggest blogs in town. This isn’t my first rodeo. My trad wedding was just another avenue to push the #covabodi agenda. “Naked” was an innuendo for “indecently dressed”. If you don’t think indecency is a problem, well…………. If it bothers you, kindly block me. God bless!"


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