"I Everything To Hustle" Denrele Edun Recounts Early Struggles and Milestones in Entertainment Career

"I Everything To Hustle" Denrele Edun Recounts Early Struggles and Milestones in Entertainment Career

Media personality Denrele Edun shares insights into his journey from humble beginnings to fame.

During an interview on Arise News TV, the TV presenter disclosed his past as a cage dancer, recounting his days hustling at the African Shrine while still a student. Edun revealed that he was a backup dancer for the Shrine and also performed with the Iroko band, headed by Dr. Ola Balogun, a pioneer in filmmaking.

Reflecting on his career trajectory, Edun highlighted that May 21st marks his third decade in the entertainment industry, tracing his professional debut back to 1994 when he started on a TV soap opera.

In a poignant recollection, Edun reminisced about his modest beginnings, noting that his first paycheck amounted to just N150.

This candid revelation sheds light on Edun's remarkable journey and serves as inspiration for aspiring entertainers.

Denrele Edun, known for his vibrant persona, recently shared heartfelt revelations about his mother's sacrifices and his own struggles.

On Mother's Day last month, Edun took to Instagram to honor his mother's dedication, recounting her relentless efforts to provide for him and his siblings. He detailed her numerous jobs in Lagos, emphasizing her resilience in the face of adversity.

Edun reminisced about the financial hardships his family endured, highlighting a particularly difficult period in 1989/1990 when his mother had to sell her possessions to fund his education. He candidly described the challenges they faced upon moving to a new family home, recalling the tough experiences they endured.

In addition to familial struggles, Edun revealed his personal battles, including a harrowing encounter with a UNILAG lecturer who allegedly attempted sexual harassment due to his cross-dressing. He bravely stood his ground against the inappropriate advances.

Furthermore, Edun opened up about his health struggles, disclosing his battle with a stroke. Despite facing paralysis, vision impairment, and other symptoms, Edun remained resilient and continued working.

These revelations shed light on Edun's resilience and the depth of his personal journey, inspiring many with his courage and perseverance.

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