“I Sold All My Properties To Produce 'AJAKAJU' Movie” Actress Eniola Ajao Spills

“I Sold All My Properties To Produce 'AJAKAJU' Movie” Actress Eniola Ajao Spills

Eniola Ajao, a leading figure in the Yoruba Nollywood scene, recently mesmerized audiences at the premiere of her latest film, "Ajakaju (Beast of Two Worlds)," as she shared the emotional story behind its creation. With deep sincerity, Ajao recounted the immense obstacles she faced both before and during production, revealing the hardships and sleepless nights she endured.

In a touching moment, the veteran actress disclosed the daunting struggle to finance the ambitious multi-million naira project. With unwavering determination, she described the sacrifices she made, including selling all her assets, to bring her vision to life on screen.

Ajao's candid revelations resonated deeply with her guests, offering insight into the relentless pursuit of artistic excellence amidst adversity. Her resilience in the face of daunting challenges underscores her unwavering passion for storytelling and dedication to her craft.

As the premiere unfolded, attendees not only marveled at the cinematic spectacle of "Ajakaju" but also gained a profound appreciation for the dedication and sacrifices behind the scenes. Eniola Ajao's heartfelt reflections left an enduring impression, serving as a poignant reminder of the trials and triumphs of the creative process.

In her own words, "I’m happy tonight comes fast. I’ve been working and working and hoping things get better. This project is so dear to my heart, honestly because I sold all I had at that moment. My buildings, I sold my land, my cars, my gold.”

The highly anticipated release of Eniola Ajao’s latest movie on March 29, 2024, has ignited excitement across the internet. With anticipation soaring, eager audiences eagerly await the premiere.

The overwhelming support from Eniola Ajao’s colleagues, friends, fans, and well-wishers has been remarkable. From individual jingles to collective shout-outs, their unwavering encouragement has deeply touched her. Ajao, moved by the outpouring of affection, expresses profound gratitude for the love and admiration shown by so many.

Featuring a star-studded cast of A-list actors and actresses, this blockbuster promises to deliver visual magic that will captivate audiences worldwide. As anticipation continues to mount, fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to experience the cinematic wonder crafted by Eniola Ajao and her team.

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