Actor Adeniyi Johnson shares throwback photos with wife Seyi Edun.

Actor Adeniyi Johnson shares throwback photos with wife Seyi Edun.

Nollywood actor Adeniyi Johnson delighted fans by posting throwback photos with his wife, Seyi Edun, on Instagram.

In the charming snapshots, Johnson and Edun were captured sharing moments together on a movie set, showcasing their bond.

Captioning the post, Johnson humorously wrote:

"Somebody should sing praise me abeg!!! I be man

I know it’s Monday, I just wan look for trouble ni… besides, I won’t be home all week so I can’t be punished with anything!! Like food or kini.

P.S.: Don’t tag her else your phone screen go break."

With this playful caption, Johnson cheekily requested praise for his masculinity and mischief-making tendencies, jokingly expressing his intentions to stir up trouble on a Monday. He playfully mentioned avoiding potential punishment from his wife by being away for the week, thus escaping consequences like being denied food or other privileges.

With a touch of jest, Johnson concluded his caption with a humorous warning to followers not to tag his wife in the post, whimsically suggesting that their phone screens might suffer if they dared to do so.

The actor's playful banter and affectionate display toward his wife have resonated with fans, sparking engagement and laughter across social media platforms.

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