"Stop sending all your children to school abroad; you will suffer in old age." Dayo Amusa advises parents.

"Stop sending all your children to school abroad; you will suffer in old age." Dayo Amusa advises parents.

Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa recently took to her Instagram page to offer thoughtful advice to parents, urging them to consider their own future while caring for their children.

In her heartfelt message, Amusa emphasizes the potential downsides of sending children abroad for education. She suggests that while it may seem like an achievement to have all children studying overseas, the consequences may become apparent in old age when familial bonds are strained.

Amusa advises parents to upgrade themselves alongside their children and to plan for a future where they won't be separated from their offspring. She underscores the importance of maintaining close family ties, particularly in later years, when the fulfillment of life is measured by the quality of time spent with loved ones.

Sharing a poignant anecdote about an uncle who passed away without the presence of his overseas-raised children, Amusa highlights the significance of family connections over material success.

She encourages parents to be intentional in their old age plans, whether it involves familial bonds or strategic decisions like marriage. Amusa stresses the importance of self-care and self-preservation amidst the responsibilities of parenthood.

Concluding her message, Amusa reminds her audience that they matter too and urges them to prioritize their well-being and future happiness.

The actress's heartfelt advice resonates with many, sparking discussions about the balance between parental responsibilities and personal fulfillment.

In her Instagram post, Dayo Amusa wrote:

"Dear Parent!!!

One mistake you should never make as a parent is raising your kids with all your life savings to eventually get so much exposure that they won’t want to stoop low to living around you.

Upgrade yourself as u upgrade your kids. Plan your future so you won’t have your kids too far from you..

Lately, Having all your kids abroad looks like an achievement until your old age sets in. That is when you will know that sending you money is not as important as having them around you… That’s when you will understand that life’s fulfillment is beyond money but quality of time spent with your grown up children and grand children…

I’ve had an Uncle who raised all his families abroad, died at 78 and none of his kids came home to bury him and give him the last respect / honour.

Men! This is not a matter of marrying many wives … It’s about being intentional with your old age plans… And if marrying more than one wife is your strategic plan, ensure you execute it with wisdom.

Parents seems to cater so much for their kids that they forget ourselves in the process…

Do not forget yourself in the mathematical equation of life… Always put yourself into consideration… This old age we are talking about is nearer than we think…


May God grant us the opportunity to live long in sound health and more wealth… #jmvwithdayoamusa

Copied #epsalumproductions"

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