Actress Omotola Jalade-ekeinde Embraces Davido In Heartfelt Reunion (Video)

Actress Omotola Jalade-ekeinde Embraces Davido In Heartfelt Reunion (Video)

Nollywood icon Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and music sensation Davido recently had a heartwarming encounter, captured in a sweet hug that delighted fans.

A video shared on Omotola's official Instagram page showcased Davido's excitement upon meeting her. The Grammy-nominated singer's genuine respect for the actress was evident, and their warm embrace symbolized a true moment of connection.

Omotola's Instagram post featured a delightful montage of images and videos capturing her joyful reunion with friends, with Davido's unexpected appearance stealing the spotlight.

In her caption, Omotola reflected on the passage of time since their boarding school days, emphasizing the importance of parental guidance and school regulations in shaping young minds and preventing bullying.

Omotola wrote in part: In the Light of the conversations around Bullying ongoing in Nigeria…

Dear Young ones, Be Very careful …

The Memories and Aftermath of your school behavior last sometimes for a lifetime… you don’t know now … but it does.

Everyone who went to Boarding house back then knows it was an experience… but times have changed…

Parents , Please have “that talk “ with your kids …

Imagine me meeting Two of my Juniors from Command Kaduna( my sec school) days ago “Now Execs of major Companies and Studios “ and listening to them saying how I had been helpful to them etc … and here having Brunch with one of the ladies and her lovely family! 🥰

Schools are Guardians , there should be Rules and Regulations around Bullying , Punishments and “Chancing “.

Guidance and counseling departments too need to step up…

#Children #Minors #schoollife #Boardinghouse #Bullying

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