Actress Toyin Abraham breaks her silence over rivalry with Funke Akindele.

Actress Toyin Abraham breaks her silence over rivalry with Funke Akindele.

Actress and filmmaker Toyin Abraham has taken to Instagram to extend a heartfelt message of reconciliation to her esteemed colleague, Funke Akindele. The lengthy note reflects on their past rivalry and celebrates Akindele's remarkable achievements in the entertainment industry.

Abraham reminisces about the competitive environment that characterized their early days in the Yoruba movie industry, where they both vied for the top spot. She acknowledges the prevalence of gossip and division within the industry, emphasizing the damaging effects of such behavior.

Transitioning from the Yoruba industry to Nigerian-English cinema, Abraham and Akindele continued their rivalry, albeit in a more subdued manner. Their competitive nature sometimes led to tension among their respective fan bases.

Despite their past conflicts, Abraham expresses admiration for Akindele's accomplishments, particularly her exceptional success with the movie "A Tribe Called Judah," which grossed over a billion in revenue. She applauds Akindele for paving the way for other women in the industry and inspiring them to strive for greater heights.

In a display of camaraderie, Abraham pledges to support Akindele and acknowledges the positive impact of their competition on her own career. She concludes the note with well-wishes for Akindele's future endeavors, expressing gratitude for the lessons learned from their rivalry.

Overall, Abraham's message signifies a significant step towards reconciliation and mutual respect between two prominent figures in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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