Actress Toyin Abraham reacts as Jemima Adelekan bursts into tears following rejection from a movie role over her facial scars

Actress Toyin Abraham reacts as Jemima Adelekan bursts into tears following rejection from a movie role over her facial scars

Toyin Abraham, a prominent figure in Nigeria's Nollywood industry, has extended her support to her fellow actress, Jemima Adelekan, who recently faced discrimination due to her facial scar.

Jemima, an emerging talent in the industry, took to Twitter to express her distress, revealing that she was reduced to tears after being turned down for a movie role because of her scar. She shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with a casting director, who acknowledged her talent but stated that her scar disqualified her for the role as the character didn't have one.

Expressing her frustration, Jemima described the incident as one of many humiliations she has endured. She pleaded with casting directors to refrain from making hurtful remarks, emphasizing that she's tired of having to constantly demonstrate strength in the face of such challenges.

Jemima stressed her humanity beyond her scar, urging for kindness and understanding. She emphasized that rejection based on her scar is unjust, and implored for empathy rather than pity.

In a heartfelt plea, she underscored her exhaustion from having to portray strength continuously, urging for a change in how she's treated in the industry.

The incident highlights the ongoing struggle against discrimination within the entertainment industry, prompting discussions on the importance of inclusivity and sensitivity towards actors' diverse backgrounds and appearances. Jemima's courageous stance serves as a reminder of the need for greater empathy and acceptance in the industry.

In a now-deleted post on her Instagram story, Toyin Abraham showcased her support for Jemima Adelakun, a fellow actress who recently faced discrimination over her facial scar. Abraham posted a heartfelt video condemning the discrimination and promised to cast Jemima in her next movie project, emphasizing the injustice of shaming her. She wrote, “It’s okay if you don’t have a role for her but shaming her is totally wrong. @jemimaslifestyle you are coming to the big screen this year, I love you so much and you are so beautiful.”

In a subsequent Instagram post, Abraham continued to shower Jemima with love, describing her as beautiful. This display of solidarity from Abraham underscores the importance of supporting colleagues and combating discrimination within the entertainment industry.


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