"Did you reach out to her when she lost her mother?" Businesswoman Criticizes Late Jumoke Aderounmu’s Brother Over Clash With Funke Akindele

"Did you reach out to her when she lost her mother?" Businesswoman Criticizes Late Jumoke Aderounmu’s Brother Over Clash With Funke Akindele

Oghene Icho Peters, a Nigerian businesswoman popularly known as Pretty Maa on Instagram, has intervened in the ongoing dispute between Funke Akindele and Late Jumoke Aderounmu’s brother.

Peters raised poignant questions regarding Adeola Aderounmu's actions towards Akindele during challenging times, querying whether he reached out to offer support when Akindele lost her mother or faced marital difficulties. She challenged the perception that only the affluent extend assistance, prompting reflection on societal expectations.

Continuing her critique, Peters questioned whether Akindele's fame and wealth placed an obligation on her to avert tragedy, underscoring the complexities of such assumptions. She further questioned whether Aderounmu's expectations would remain unchanged if Akindele lacked celebrity status or significant wealth.

Advocating for empathy and understanding, Peters urged Aderounmu to adopt a more considerate approach, acknowledging that even individuals of wealth and public prominence confront personal challenges daily.

In her message, Peters called for restraint and compassion, highlighting the multifaceted nature of human experience beyond wealth and status.

Businesswoman Oghene Icho Peters, addressing Adeola Aderounmu, wrote: "When Funke lost her mum. Did you also reach you? When she had marital issues did you reach out? Abi na only rich dey help people? Would Funke have prevented the death of your sister? If Funke was just a regular boss without fame or much wealth would you still expect much from her? Bro take a chill pill even the rich/public figures have personal demons they fight every day".

Recalling the controversy surrounding Late Jumoke Aderounmu's illness, her brother, Adeola, publicly accuses Funke Akindele of abandonment, alleging she ignored his sister's pleas for help during her time of need.

Adeola criticizes Akindele for publicly mourning his sister posthumously while purportedly neglecting her when she needed support the most. He accuses Akindele of insincerity and hypocrisy, revealing that despite Jumoke's attempts to reach out, Akindele did not offer assistance.

In response to the accusations, Akindele takes to Instagram Live to address the allegations tearfully. She denies any knowledge of Jumoke's illness, recounting her own challenges, including the loss of her mother, marriage, and political aspirations. Akindele emphasizes her current efforts to rebuild her life.

The dispute escalates as Adeola rebuffs Akindele's emotional response, claiming she only contacted him after his sister's death. He questions the sincerity of her condolences and criticizes her for reaching out belatedly.

The confrontation underscores a contentious dispute over alleged neglect and delayed expressions of sympathy, shedding light on the complexities of relationships and perceptions in the public eye.

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