"I Want To Be A Gold Digger" Actress Wunmi Toriola Reveals 'see Why'

"I Want To Be A Gold Digger" Actress Wunmi Toriola Reveals 'see Why'

Nollywood actress Wunmi Toriola has sparked conversations online with her candid revelation about yearning for a lifestyle akin to "gold diggers." She suggested that individuals who identify as full-time housewives are experiencing a life of enjoyment and comfort, prompting her desire to follow suit.

With a touch of humor, Toriola expressed her eagerness to partake in luxurious activities, such as watching Netflix in the comfort of a cool air-conditioned environment. She playfully invited her fans to facilitate her quest by providing contacts of potential benefactors willing to support her financially.

In her social media post, she humorously referred to herself as "Apa ti pin super woman," underscoring her desire for a remarkable transformation. Despite the playful tone, she reiterated her aspiration to lead a life of luxury and enjoyment.

Moreover, she clarified that the voice heard in the message did not belong to her, implying that it might have been misunderstood or misattributed.

Wunmi Toriola's post: "Apa ti pin super woman I want to be a gold digger Drop contact of who get gold seh 😳😳😳 This voice sounds familiar Nor be me o."

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