Reality Tv Star, Whitemoney Criticizes Men Joining "Estherblish" Challenge

Reality Tv Star, Whitemoney Criticizes Men Joining "Estherblish" Challenge

Reality TV personality Whitemoney, also recognized as Hazel Onou, has voiced criticism against men participating in the "Estherblish" challenge, a viral social media trend in Nigeria. The challenge, inspired by a certain Esther's transformation, showcases individuals evolving from a haggard and wretched appearance to a clean and fresh look, often associated with skin lightening.

Initially, the challenge was dominated by women, portraying their journey from dark, skinny, and scruffy to lighter-skinned and refreshed. However, men began joining in, imitating the transformation depicted by women in the challenge.

In a video shared online, Whitemoney, known for his appearance on Big Brother Naija, expressed his belief that the "Estherblish" challenge should be exclusive to females. He criticized men for participating in a trend that primarily focuses on female experiences.

Whitemoney's comments have sparked discussions among social media users, with some agreeing with his perspective while others defend the inclusion of men in the challenge. The controversy highlights ongoing debates surrounding gender-specific trends and the role of men in challenges primarily associated with women.

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