Mixed Reactions As FFK Throws Birthday Bash For His Triplets, Replaces Precious Chikwendu With A New Woman

Mixed Reactions As FFK Throws Birthday Bash For His Triplets, Replaces Precious Chikwendu With A New Woman

Former Nigerian Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK), caused a stir online after hosting a birthday party for his triplets and introducing a new woman as their mother. The event took place on May 25th at Fani-Kayode's mansion, noticeably without the children’s biological mother, Precious Chikwendu.

Chikwendu, celebrating her triplets’ birthday separately, described them as her "entire system" and expressed how she can't function without them. She called them her "lover, kidney, and heart," praying for a year of miracles for them.

The absence of Chikwendu and the presence of a new woman posing as their mother in photos led to mixed reactions online. Comments included:

"What is the other woman doing smiling there with another woman’s children?" – Food Supplies Ng

"This new woman will be thinking she is with a human being." – Bright Austin68

"All these desperate hungry women, always ready to jump into a national red flag." – Plantgum1

"He misses Precious, because these women always resemble her." – Body Glamz

"The mother is tired of dragging with this man." – Ngofaze

Weeks earlier, Precious Chikwendu had reignited their co-parenting dispute by accusing FFK of narcissistic behavior and claiming he had reported her to the President because she refused to support the notion that they were still together. She stated that their fallout this time was different and suggested he could deny her access to their children for up to five years, until they grow up and understand the situation.

Since their marriage ended, Fani-Kayode and Chikwendu have been entangled in a highly publicized custody battle over their four sons. Chikwendu has accused Fani-Kayode of keeping the children from her, which he denies.

In 2022, the estranged couple appeared to be on better terms, with Fani-Kayode posting on Instagram about Chikwendu's return to his home, while Chikwendu mentioned ongoing negotiations regarding custody and unresolved issues.

However, last year, Chikwendu shut down rumors of reconciliation, asserting that she would hold a press conference if they ever decided to reconcile.

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