"The Biggest Fee I Have Ever Paid An Actor Is N300,000" Actor Officer Gaji Reveals

"The Biggest Fee I Have Ever Paid An Actor Is N300,000" Actor Officer Gaji Reveals

Sola Olaibi, popularly known as Officer Gaji, is a multi-talented figure in Nollywood, known for his roles as a movie producer, actor, and production manager. Despite being in the industry for nearly 28 years, Olaibi’s first love remains acting. In an interview with Segun Adebayo, he discusses his career journey and the challenges he has faced.

Career Beginnings

Olaibi started his career as a production manager due to the difficulties of breaking into acting. He credits one of his bosses for advising him to join the crew behind the camera. Over time, his acting talent was recognized, leading him to pursue acting seriously. Producing came last in his career progression, and he expresses gratitude for the journey despite its challenges.

Balancing Multiple Roles

Managing various roles in the film industry is no small feat. Olaibi emphasizes the importance of professionalism and giving his best to every job, regardless of the challenges.

Reflections on His Journey

Reflecting on his extensive career, Olaibi feels a sense of fulfillment but acknowledges that the journey continues. He highlights the importance of passion and dedication in overcoming the many challenges he has faced, including initial resistance from his family, who wanted him to pursue a career in electrical engineering.

Industry Structure and Challenges

Olaibi addresses the criticisms of poor structure in the Nigerian movie industry, particularly the Yoruba sector. He believes the issue is part of a broader problem affecting the entire country and suggests that a government-formed committee of professionals could help address these issues. Despite these challenges, he praises current leaders in the Yoruba movie industry for their efforts to create a better structure.

Switching Roles and Financial Needs

While he enjoys acting the most, Olaibi recognizes the necessity of playing various roles in the industry. He notes that the biggest challenge now is securing funding for his projects.

Compensation in the Industry

Olaibi disputes claims that actors are poorly paid, arguing that compensation depends on the role and the scenes involved. He reveals that the highest fee he has paid an actor is N300,000, while the lowest is N50,000.

Nickname and Future Plans

The nickname "Officer Gaji" was given to him by his boss, Kunle Afod, during the production of a project titled "Irinajo." He later used the name for his own movie. Looking forward, Olaibi continues to seek financial backing for his ambitious projects and remains dedicated to his craft.

In conclusion, Sola Olaibi’s journey in Nollywood is a testament to resilience, passion, and versatility. Despite the hurdles, his commitment to the industry and his craft remains unwavering.

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