"The Suit I Wear In My Skits Belongs To My Grandfather," Skit Maker Layi Wasabi Reveals.

"The Suit I Wear In My Skits Belongs To My Grandfather," Skit Maker Layi Wasabi Reveals.

Layi Wasabi, the beloved Nigerian comedian renowned for his vibrant characters, recently disclosed in an interview that the suits he often wears in his sketches once belonged to his grandfather. In a conversation with BBC Pidgin, the 22-year-old entertainer shared that these suits, which have become a signature part of his comedic persona, have been in the family for over 30 years, passed down from his late grandfather.

Hailing from Osogbo, Osun state, Layi rose to prominence following the viral success of his online comedy videos, particularly on platforms like YouTube. Despite pursuing a law degree at Bowen University, his knack for comedy quickly captured the attention of fans, notably through his portrayal of 'The Law', a character known for donning black suits and brown shoes, accentuating his tall stature.

Intriguingly, Layi revealed that he possesses around five variations of these vintage suits, all inherited from his grandfather. He further mentioned inheriting the accompanying shoes, estimating them to be approximately 20 years old. Reflecting on this familial connection to his wardrobe, Layi humorously remarked, "It’s funny how the suits I normally wear to play D’Law belonged to my grandfather... At least I’m older than the shoe but the suit is older than me, it’s nearly 30 years."

This revelation adds a nostalgic layer to Layi Wasabi's comedic persona, highlighting the sentimental value and rich history behind his wardrobe choices

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