Outrage as Delta Vigilantes Kill Man for 'Stolen' Phone Later Found with Owner's Son

Outrage as Delta Vigilantes Kill Man for 'Stolen' Phone Later Found with Owner's Son


A 29-year-old man named Joe Philip, also known as Aboy, was tragically beaten to death by members of the Anioma Security Watch Network in Agbor, Delta State, over a missing Nokia torchlight phone. The incident occurred on Father's Day, Sunday, June 16, 2024.

According to eyewitnesses, the deceased had returned from church and was resting in his room when an elderly woman living in the same compound asked to charge her phone there. While Joe was napping, the woman's son retrieved the phone without Joe's knowledge.

When the woman couldn't find her phone later, she accused Joe of stealing it. Despite Joe's offer to replace the phone, the woman insisted on getting her exact phone back and threatened to "teach him a lesson."

The woman then called the Anioma Security Watch Network. Upon arrival, the vigilante group demanded Joe return the phone. Despite pleas from onlookers, they continued to beat him until he became unresponsive. Realizing the severity of the situation, they transported Joe's motionless body to their office at 17 Gbenoba Street, Agbor.

The situation escalated as an agitated crowd began damaging the security group's patrol vehicle. The Nigerian Police Force and Military intervened, calming the crowd. Joe's body was taken to the mortuary at Agbor Central Hospital.

In a tragic twist, the missing phone was later found with the woman's son, who claimed he took it to avoid disturbing Joe's sleep. The deceased's father expressed his grief, stating he had pleaded with the woman to accept a replacement phone, but she refused.

This incident has sparked outrage and highlighted issues of vigilante justice and the need for proper law enforcement protocols.

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