"My husband tells me about his admirers'" Comedian Woli Agba’s wife reveals

"My husband tells me about his admirers'" Comedian Woli Agba’s wife reveals

Comedian Ayobami Ayo-Ajewole, also known as Woli Agba, and his wife Olaife recently opened up about their marriage in an interview with TOFARATI IGE.

How They Met

Woli Agba: We met at a church program at my wife’s school, Kogi State University, where my group and I were invited to perform.

First Impressions

Woli Agba: For me, it was love at first sight. I told her she would be my wife the day I saw her.

Olaife: It wasn’t love at first sight for me because I didn’t believe he was serious. But soon after, I realized I had feelings for him.

Qualities Admired

Woli Agba: I saw a perfect partner in her. She sings, speaks well, and is naturally beautiful. I felt God had a hand in our meeting.

Olaife: He made me happy and laugh uncontrollably. He answered all my questions convincingly, showing his focus and sincerity.

The Proposal

Woli Agba: I proposed after a month of dating to show my commitment.

Olaife: At first, I didn’t take him seriously, but after he proposed a month into our relationship, I knew he was the one.

Marriage Experience

Woli Agba: My marital experience has been sweet. Despite my initial fears about marriage, our relationship is different and fulfilling.

Olaife: Marriage brings peace and happiness. It has been wonderful.

Handling Disagreements

Woli Agba: We rarely quarrel. We enjoy each other's company and resolve issues quickly.

Olaife: We hardly argue because he keeps things playful and lively at home.

Female Admirers

Olaife: Initially, it was difficult, but now I trust him and pray for him. He also keeps me informed about his admirers.

Celebrity Marriages

Woli Agba: Pride is a major factor in failed celebrity marriages. Humility and mutual respect are essential.

Joint Accounts

Woli Agba: We don’t have a joint account, but it's not something we’re against. It should be a mutual decision.

Pet Names and Gifts

Woli Agba: She calls me honey. I call her my wife, iyawo Ayo, and honey’s wife.

Olaife: Yes, we often buy gifts for each other.

Dates and Activities

Woli Agba: My busy schedule limits our dates, but we take evening walks together when I’m around.

Olaife: We pray and communicate openly to keep our love strong.

Unique Aspects of Their Marriage

Woli Agba: We discuss and resolve everything between ourselves. We don’t need outside opinions.

Memorable Moments

Woli Agba: A memorable moment was when I surprised her with a birthday celebration at her workplace.

Olaife: The surprise birthday at my office, organized by him, was unforgettable.

Advice for Couples

Woli Agba: Ensure you truly love the person you marry. Be prayerful and observant during courtship.

Olaife: Understand and communicate with each other. Enjoy each other’s company.

Household Chores

Olaife: Despite his busy schedule, he helps with chores partially.

Woli Agba: Yes, I cook.

Olaife: He can cook, even if it's just boiling water.

Advice for Intending Couples

Woli Agba: Marriage is a wonderful institution that requires prayer and mutual choice. Be sure of your partner and observant during courtship.

Olaife: Understand and communicate openly. Enjoy each other's company.

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