"You Ppl Can Do Better" Bimpe Akintunde Slams Those Insulting Her Over Her Comment On Mr Macaroni’s Page

"You Ppl Can Do Better" Bimpe Akintunde Slams Those Insulting Her Over Her Comment On Mr Macaroni’s Page

Nollywood actress Bimpe Akintunde has responded to criticism she received for her comment on skitmaker Mr Macaroni’s page, amid the ongoing drama involving Toyin Abraham.

The controversy began when Toyin Abraham faced backlash for arresting a troll and allegedly detaining the troll’s mother, a claim she denied. In response, many Nigerians reported Toyin’s movies to Netflix, demanding their removal.

Mr Macaroni weighed in, suggesting that Toyin should have taken legal action rather than involving the police. Bimpe Akintunde, unaware of the situation, commented on Mr Macaroni’s post with "Maca" and several emojis. This led to her being dragged by netizens.

Bimpe responded by emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries, especially when family is involved. She urged the public to mind their own business and criticized the tendency to attack and take sides on social media.

She clarified that she was unaware of the drama and had to contact people to understand what was happening. Despite the backlash and insults she received, she prayed for Toyin Abraham and called for an end to online bullying.

“There are certain reactions when our child/husband of family are involved. Let’s learn how to set boundaries. And take it easy on ourselves. Nah, blood dey for our veins o. IRE o.

Now, this is where the problem starts from: yes, it starts from You people,yes you online people!!!! Can you guys just learn to mind your businesses? Like, I don’t get any small thing; you ppl will be looking for who to pick on!!! You go from page to page!!!!!! From comment section to comment section attacking people and taking sides. Shey Alaafia le wa sha ????? I don’t even know what is going on; I had to start calling people to find out what’s going on; one even came all the way to my DM saying my comment may not go well with Toyin; for your Information No Weapon Fashion Against Oluwatoyin Abosede Aya Ajeyemi shall Prosper Insha Allah, Say no to Bullying we are human like you people, just imagine the insults because I commented on Macaroni page, you ppl can do better o, peace”.

The situation has sparked a larger conversation about online behavior and the impact of social media bullying on public figures.

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