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Must Read: How Seun Egbegbe Embarrasing Theft & Police Arrest Can Put A End To Toyin Aimakhu's Career

Over the past few years, we've watched star actress, Toyin Aimakhu rise to the peak of her career in the Yoruba movie industry that presently boasts some of the biggest stars in Nollywood.

You can't pick top five (5) Yoruba movie actresses and not mention Toyin Aimakhu, she is currently one of the most talented actress in the industry, as her ability to speak fluently both English and Yoruba language is helping her.

But the last 365 days has been a step backward for the actress as at first, her marriage to movie colleague, Adeniyi Johnson crashed due to reasons best known to the estranged couple, although sources say they broke up due to one of them's infidelity.

Then she fell in love with the wrong man, Seun Egbegbe whom put her in the news for so many wrong reasons, firstly he kidnapped her at a movie location then secondly when she announced they both done with each other, Seun threatened her career that Toyin had to travel to the US to save her life.

They however settle the matter after much plead from lot of people whilst Toyin returned back to Nigeria doing what she knows doing best, acting of course, her life has been getting back to normal until another saga that has to do with money #SaveMayowaCampaign.

Toyin Aimakhu spearhead the team that campaign for a stage 4 ovarian cancer patient, Mayowa Ahmed who happens to be fraud after some people get to know about her the lady's health.
Although the actress doesn't know anything the saga but spearheading the team campaigning for her got people talking.

The saga which almost put an end to her career that made her suspend her social media page for some weeks. She however get through it and apologizes to her fans and has since getting stronger, she is always at movie locations trying to put something through for her fans.

Toyin Aimakhu got in the news again for the very wrong reason on Tuesday, 22nd of November 2016, after her ex lover, Seun Egbegbe allegedly stole 7 iPhones at a shop in computer village which reportedly worth over N2Million.

Bloggers, Internet users and Newspapers have been linking the theft story to the actress' name which might be damaging her career. No company on earth would endorse a controversial superstar not the one whose name has been mentioned with theft/stealing.

After all, she previously dated Seun Egbegbe and this is a bad reputation for Toyin Aimakhu who brought Seun Egbegbe to limelight with her fame, and the implications are now hurting her career.

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