Nigerian Man Reveals He Earns 180,000 Per Month In Charging Phone

Nigerian Man Reveals He Earns 180,000 Per Month In Charging Phone

In a rare case of becoming a problem solver, a middle-aged man identified simply as Ibrahim Usman, has revealed that he makes a total of N180,000 monthly on charging people’s phones with a generator and solar power.

Speaking with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lafia on Saturday, the operator of a telephone charging outfit in Lafia said;

“I took advantage of the irregular electricity supply in Lafia to make about N180,000 monthly,”

According to him, charging of phones and other electrical accessories has put food on his table and also huge funds in his bank account.

He added;

“Although, I am not happy that there is irregular electricity supply in Lafia, I can say that has been to my advantage now.

“Had power supply been stable, I would not have been able to make the N6,000 I make at least in a day. If you multiply it into 30 days, it is N180, 000 in a month,”

He told NAN that he powers his business by solar energy to augment his petrol-powered generator, on which he spends N1,000 daily on fuel.

Mr Usman appreciated his customers, and advised the youth not to always wait on the government for jobs.

“Instead, youths can create something worthwhile for themselves. It is always good to have something to fall back on in the absence of the white-collar jobs.

he added
“You can learn one or two skills to enable you survive and live independently,” 

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