I Instructed My Lawyer To Write A Blogger - Mercy Aigbe

I Instructed My Lawyer To Write A Blogger - Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe threatens to sue blogger over reports on her daughter’s upkeep

Nigerian actress, Mercy Aigbe, has been in the news lately over her marriage issues.
Adding it up, the actress who has been married twice but all hit the rocks is threatening to sue a certain blogger who she claimed spread false rumours about her daughter and her father.

She wrote:” This afternoon, I instructed my lawyer to write a blogger, who has made it in his/her life mission, to spread falsehood about me.
The latest, being that the father of my daughter has been sending money for her upkeep. This lie is in response to the post I made on mother’s day.
I could have allowed this lie to slide but henceforth, I have made a decision to challenge every form of falsehood. I know like many media people, this particular blogger might not take me serious. They believe there will be no consequence for spreading false news or if they beg, all will be well. I’m putting it out here to let you know that this particular blogger lied. In the past 18 years I have been solely responsible for the upkeep of my daughter…. if the blogger believes otherwise, he/she should come out with Proof or face the consequences! ……I will not toil day and night to give my children the best in life and have one unprofessional , lazy, clout chasing blogger try to paint me Bad …….For the records, I will be pursuing this to a legal logical conclusion and challenge every form of falsehood hence forth.Have a lovely night rest ………”

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