Femi Otedola Reveals He Sleeps 10 hours A Day

Femi Otedola Reveals He Sleeps 10 hours A Day

Billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola has disclose that he sleeps for at least of 10 hours every day in spite of his busy schedules.

He disclosed this at the just-concluded 2020 ThisDay Awards, where he was respected with the award of the Philanthropist of the Decade.

Given his recent hefty donations to public cause and lifting up the needy, it is not surprising that that former Chairman of FORTE Oil Plc, Mr. Femi Otedola, was the People’s Choice for Philanthropist of the decade.

His solitary donation of N5 billion to help children of fear desolated North-east stays unexampled. Some prominent Nigerians such as Sadiq Dabba, Victor Olaotan, both actors; and former Green Eagles captain, Christian Chukwu, were saved from the jaws of death by his generous intercession in their medical issues.

Femi revealed that he asked his Accountant to donate N5 billion (which is the profit he made from the profit collecting to him from the sale of his shares in Forte Oil to the displaced children in the North East of Nigeria. He told guests that when he told his Accountant to do so, she was stunned, that her Oga had chosen to give all he made from that transaction to charity.

Femi Otedola says he is a man who finds a sense of contentment with himself and he sleeps for 10 hours daily, meaning, he heads to sleep at about 10pm daily and wakes up at about 8am.

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