Lateef Adedimeji Reveals How A Cat Taught Him To Act.... Why His Fiancee Is Not A Celebrity

Lateef Adedimeji Reveals How A Cat Taught Him To Act.... Why His Fiancee Is Not A Celebrity

Nollywood actor, Lateef Adedimeji, has revealed how he took in his acting ability  from his Cat.

The actor who is the fifth child in a family of nine, unveiled this in a chat with Mobola Sadiq.

” I’m always acting because the creator of heaven and earth is always acting, too. When I’m not on a movie set, I read a lot to upgrade myself. At some point in my life, I studied a cat and even got one for myself because I think animals are the best teachers. For instance, a cat’s concentration is serious. Whenever a cat wants to get a rat, it channels its entire being into getting it. As an actor, that’s a good thing to copy. One can infuse that into any role one is asked to act. At a point, I studied lions too, but I couldn’t buy that. Basically, I do a lot of ‘stupid’ things to get better in my career. ” he stated.

He further said:

My mum had always known that I wanted to be an actor but my dad didn’t. My father didn’t even know that I was a dancer because I was doing it in the background. By the time he knew, it was already late. But eventually, my dad realised that I found more joy in acting than doing any other work. He left me to pursue my acting career and I’m sure he is proud of me today.

Interestingly, I tried working in an office but after two weeks, I resigned; it was just not working. My parents came for my performance recently and I was shocked when I saw them shedding tears of joy, thanking God that they allowed me to pursue my dreams.”

Speaking on why it is always easy to cry in his movies, he said:

I got that skill from my mother; she is a very emotional person. If she laughs too hard, tears would drop from her eyes. Meanwhile, I cannot stand the tears. Even if it’s just a joke, it would affect me. I now cry without even thinking about anything deep. I know that there are some factors around me that could always make me cry.

On why his fiancee is not a celebrity, he said “That’s the reason I had to get somebody that could handle my job. The film industry’s trouble is enough but when the outside world is hot, one needs to find solace back home…. Both of us cannot be out (of the house) at the same time and leave our kids with our parents; it doesn’t make sense. If I’m not around, my wife can raise the kids herself the way I want.

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