Femi Adebayo Speaks On COVID-19 Encounter Says 'Every Little Headache Scared Me'

Femi Adebayo Speaks On COVID-19 Encounter Says 'Every Little Headache Scared Me'

Femi Adebayo is one of Nigeria’s leading actors and son of legendary actor dad, Oga Bello has revealed how Covid-19 forced him to cancel shows in the US and run into isolation in Nigeria.

Read selection from his chat with Seye Kehinde below:

How have you been coping with the COVID-19 Lockdown in the last 2 months?

Well, we’ve been trying. It’s not easy actually, but then, what do we do. It’s better to stay safe than to go out and put one’s life at risk.

Have you ever gone through this kind of experience before?

Obviously not. Not even for 5 days not to talk of 2 months. I don’t think I have slept in my house for 5 consecutive days not to talk of 2 months except I travel abroad. This is a totally different experience, but like I said, it’s for the safety of all of us. It’s making me see myself in another way and it has taught me a lot.

Tell us some of the lessons you’ve learnt?

The first thing I learnt is not to be too desperate about anything. If things were normal, I would have said, by this time, I have to be here and there. Now, everything stands still and there is nothing happening to anybody. Life still remains the same. It has really taught me to take things easy. Everybody globally has been forced to take things easy. It has really taught me to be calm with almost everything.

And it also gives me the opportunity to bond so much with my family. It’s a very bonding time. When I was a Bachelor, I prefer to wash the bathroom myself, but because of my busy schedule, I’ve not been able to do that for years. Now, I do it myself. I assist my woman in the kitchen even when I’m doing anything with her in the kitchen, I will stay with her and start gisting. I also have time to really sit down and plan again, on projects I want to do and how I want to make an impact on people’s lives. I have enough time to call my family, my friend who I’ve not seen for so long. Thank God for technology too. I can do many video call with my people. Though we are all shouting it has really affected everybody, we are not making money.

We are only spending the one that we have; we just pray it ends very soon. The Government is not to be blamed in any way. The government is trying all its best to make sure that we don’t have so many loss of lives, but unfortunately, so many of us are getting it wrong. We understand the fact that we need to eat, that is why lots of people to are doing palliatives, helping people in the area of feeding. I think the Government should just do more. Then we need to take it easy. I saw the way people trooped out after the ease. It was alarming. So many people still do not understand this Covid-19. If you understand it, you would know that if you don’t have any serious things to do outside, you should stay indoors. But all the same, we pray for the end of this Pandemic, so that, everybody, businesses can get back full time.

Are we likely to have a movie on Covid-19 after?

Definitely. As a matter of fact, we are putting the script together. It’s worth talking about because it has never happened. I’ve never experienced this. I was in the US for the survival of Jelili’s tour when it all started. We’ve paid for several halls, advertisements. People were already showing interest. Some people have even bought their tickets online, and all of a sudden, we have to stop and I have to rush back to Nigeria. I got back to Nigeria on 21st March, isolated myself for 14 days, I did all protection possible when I was coming home. I ensured that I didn’t have any contact, on when I got back I still isolated myself, thank God, I’m all right, I’m safe. I must be sincere, the NCDC people are really working, they make calls to every one of us who came back every day to ensure that we are safe. They told us if we feel any symptoms we should come for the test.

How did you feel at that time you isolated yourself?

Don’t let me lie to you, I was scared. I was more conscious of myself. If I have a little headache, I will be thinking otherwise. I read about all the signs and symptoms and I discovered that I didn’t have any, or show any. After 14 days, I was excited, I must be sincere.

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