"Aunty Ti Ya Were" Wumi Toriola Admits Not Being Close To Seyi Edun As She Speaks On Reconciliation With Toyin Abraham.

"Aunty Ti Ya Were" Wumi Toriola Admits Not Being Close To Seyi Edun As She Speaks On Reconciliation With Toyin Abraham.

Nollywood Yoruba actress, Wumi Toriola has at long last settled feud with colleague, Toyin Abraham whom she has been in disagreement with for years now.

Wumi Toriola disclosed that they settled their indifference months ago, in a recent chat with Seye Kehinde.

“We have reconciled. We don’t just want to bring it online. We have reconciled and everybody is at peace now. I do tell people. Yes, our fans love us, they don’t want to see us fight but, in our industry, we are like family.

People I have issues with and the issue is elongated is because we have not seen ourselves trust me, when we see ourselves, especially when we meet at an event we always settle that is how united we are. It’s only some of our fans who make it out of proportion.

So, I am begging our fans, we are family, you won’t know when we settle. At the end of the day you will keep guessing, so please always take it easy on us. The only things that still bother me was when I was going to have my baby and someone wish my enemy to die in labour, it really hurt me. Please our fans always take it easy on us, you won’t know when we will settle and you guys will be left in the dark. Always take it easy when we are having issues.”

Wumi Toriola later on discussed about how much she admired Toyin Abraham’s acting.

“Who would not want to work with Toyin Abraham? She is a fantastic actress. I will just watch her sometimes and be like “Aunty ti ya were”, just thinking aloud. She is crazy. She is a fantastic actress. So, who wouldn’t want to work with an actress that make your job easier? She makes the job lesser for you when you are on set with her. She always works with ease.”

Revealing her presently appearing to be cold relationship with closest companion, Seyi Edun, she said

 “It’s not like that. I am married. Shai is married and their is Covid-19, and this time really helps marriages. Most husbands and wives are now more bonded and in that way you just have to excuse. But trust me, there is nothing alarming. It’s just husband and wife thing and feel a friend is no longer needed, I don’t want to go deep but we are all fine and we are all together”

On how she has managed her relationship with Seyi Edun over the years 

“She is a good sister. She is a good friend. She can help you organise things. There are so many things we do together that is not known to the media. We have been able to manage each other well. She is more coordinated than I am and I don’t take that for granted. We always work out our imperfection and make it beautiful.” she said.

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