Reasons Why Nollywood Celebrities Respects Actress Bimbo Oshin.

Reasons Why Nollywood Celebrities Respects Actress Bimbo Oshin.

Nollywood veteran actress, Bimbo Oshin is one of the film industry's most admired veterans. She is an actor, author, and businesswoman with several talents. She is Bimbo Oshin's CEO of Dashing where she sells specially crafted clothing to celebrities.

Born in Ondo City, she had her primary education at the Ile-Ife staff college, and bagged a Philosophy degree from the University of Lagos. Her acting talent started at a very tender age but in her second year at university she entered the industry when her friend introduced her to veteran actor Araosun in the 1990s.

Ultimately, she joined Odunfa Caucus where she learned more acting skills. She featured in the film Akobi in 98 that shot her to the limelight. She has starred and still counting in over a thousand movies, but her appearance in Elemosho 's movie is still one of the most talked-about to date.

This has also improved her reputation in the film industry. Bimbo is married happily to American-based popular music promoter Ola Ibironke well known as Dudu Heritage and their union is blessed with two lovely children.

In addition to being a famous actress who remained important to the industry despite spending nearly 3 decades in the industry, many of her colleagues, young and old, love Bimbo Oshin to a fault, she is a veteran actress about whom you will hardly hear any scandal, she cares about her business and has a very friendly relationship with her juniors and contemporaries. Also, she is one actress you can't see at any party or festival, particularly those she's not invited to.

She takes it upon herself to inspire the up-and - coming ones and that is why most younger stars point to her as their role model. When it comes to the social media rivalry as most actresses do, you can hardly find Bimbo Oshin in that sphere, she holds a very low profile and she can hardly be found flaunting anything on social media.

This beautiful actress once said she's been able to stay relevant in the industry mainly because she's never allowed the fame to get into her head, she doesn't see herself as a star but just a very basic and free spirited woman. According to her, she is also very aware of what she is doing in the industry primarily because she is very rooted in the language and upbringing of her father and also because of her children, so that tomorrow they will not check the internet and be disappointed by what they will read about her.

Most of all, the film industry in Yoruba is filled with envy, hatred and jealousy, but this beautiful mother of two strongly believes in living and letting lifestyle live. You can hardly see her enmeshed in any unnecessary drama in the industry and it is one of the reasons that many love her.

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