Checkout 7 Nigerian Celebs Who Hid Their Pregnancy From The Public.

Checkout 7 Nigerian Celebs Who Hid Their Pregnancy From The Public.

Seeing a child growing up in you is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It's one of the most unique and most beautiful experiences anyone will ever encounter in life, and sometimes you just want to enjoy a 9-month journey alone, so hide your bump from the public.

Yet we all know Celebrities and Limelight are like best friend, and it's sort of hard to keep your pregnancy out of the public's eyes.

It's a shock that Nigeria celebrities have managed to keep their business to themselves and have perfected the art of enjoying their wonderful moments with their respective families.

Below are the top Nigerian Celebrities who have hidden their pregnancy away from the eyes of the public and left the Internet in shock.

1. Toyin Abraham

Toyin is a talented actress who knows her importance in the industry. If there's one actress with a big, supportive and have a very strong fan base, it's certainly going to be the beautiful actress, Toyin Abraham.

It was a shock to everyone when the news broke, the media was in a frenzy, and her fans were very excited. For a whole week, she dominated the social media with images of her pregnant belly and a lot of congratulations coming from the left and the right.

2. Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele is one of Nollywood 's richest and most talented actresses. Despite being one of the most successful actresses, she is also one of the most respected actresses.

Not long after she knotted her friend, rapper JJC Skillz, she became pregnant.

The social media completely shut down when she declared her twin 's birth. It's a big wonder how the actress was able to conceal her pregnancy news from the public and social media , despite being an active person on social media.

3. Tania Omotayo

Wizkid has always been a regular to the beautiful and sexy fashion designer. She decided to move on after the breakup, and to concentrate more on herself and her product.

It came as a surprise to many when she revealed her baby girl 's birth with her husband, Sumbo. Sharing her own bump photo on her social media page, she revealed her pregnancy and bump on Mother's day to celebrate the special day, See what she said below;
 “My first Mother’s Day, and it’s so unreal. Yesterday (30/03/2019) we welcomed our beautiful princess into the world. I’ve dreamt of being a mommy and having a baby girl almost my entire life.. “The fact that our baby girl came early, and just in time for me to celebrate Mother’s Day is the best feeling ever. I’m literally the happiest woman on earth right now. “My heart is so full of joy, love and pride I don’t even know where to begin to celebrate.” 

4. Eku Edewor

Only two weeks before this slim beauty gave birth , she was looking as slender as a reed at the 2016 Lagos Fashion and Design Week, and less than fortnight later, Eku Edewor was already a mum.  Certain people are lucky

5. Ruth Kadiri

Popular Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri has finally unveiled her big belly which has been visible since the start of the year.

She gained weight, and claimed it to be fats. She wanted to show her pregnancy after getting her baby like any other Nigerian girl

Now that she's showing her pregnancy, she's possibly watching her baby in his crib. And he'd have clock one when she shows.

6. Dija

Di'Ja got married first of all in a very private ceremony. And photo didn't even get out on social media either and in this age of smartphones and cheap data, I want to know how she pulled that one off.

And then, fans didn't even realize she was pregnant and instead leaked in the news that she was a mom. Searching for a lot of people where and how she hid her pregnancy.

Yet she can cover it very easily with her very slim body, and the Jalabia styles.

7. Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh was yet another actress who, when she became pregnant with her son, King Andre, vanished from the public.

It wasn't until Tonto gave birth to her son in February 2016, posted the news on her social media account, and posted her photo shoot of the pregnancy on her page.

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