See The Yoruba Lady That Tied Beyonce's Head Tie In Her Latest Video.‘Black is King’

See The Yoruba Lady That Tied Beyonce's Head Tie In Her Latest Video.‘Black is King’

International sensational singer, Beyonce's latest video 'Black is King' has captured the hearts of many Africans, particularly Nigerians. Not only was the 38-year-old able to impress many with her effortless demonstration of the famous Nigerian dance known as 'Zanku,' she also captured the attention of viewers with her choice of costume that interpreted that of an African woman.

In the video, the s*xy mother of three was seen wearing a lovely pink gele just like any African/Nigerian mother would do. After so much research, it was learned that a woman from Nigerian, Yoruba to be precise, known as Azeezat Abiola Amusat, was appointed by the musician to tie Gele to her and her cast in her latest official music video, Black Is King.

Azeezat Abiola Amusat who is 41 year old is a Nigerian born philosopher and makeup artist based in the United States of America. She's from Lagos State. She's the first born out of the seven children her parent gave birth to. Education for her began at the Police Children's School in Ikeja, Lagos State.

Afterward, she moved to Lagos State Model College, Badore, for her secondary school education, before graduating from Lagos State University (UNILAG), where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Philosophy.

She was required to serve one year at the National Youth Service Corps ( NYSC) in Kaduna, and spent one year at the Nigeria Defense Academy in Kaduna. Briefly after her youth service, she was recruited and served as a physiologist and chancellor with the army.

All through her stay in Kaduna, the mother of two beautiful children also won a Visa Lottery in the United States of America in 2008. She started working as a caregiver when she wanted to join President Donald Trump 's country and later went to Nursing School.

She later got a job with Vitas Health Care and obtained training as a Hospice Nurse. She has been with this organization for ten years, by God's grace. Abiola is an extremely hardworking girl and also enjoys fashion. Azeezat had a buddy from Nigeria in 2013 to deliver her baby to America, and she met her at a friend's house, and they spoke.

As a smart woman, during their chat, she discovered that the lady had a fashion store and school where she was teaching people how to tie Gele and makeup in Nigeria. The lady trained her for two weeks, and she had two apprenticeships, but most of the time, when she returned from work at midnight, she easily joined the class. Amusat was so committed to learning about it.

The main reason she ventured into Gele's art as we were told, was because she was humiliated at an event where she saw a lady tie the guest's gel, and she was so disrespectful to people, because she had no manners.

Azeezat, who was very passionate, then told herself that she could make money from this, by providing a good customer service, by treating people well and by being humbled. The rest is history. She won five awards from her Gele Tieing business to her credit. She's met and worked for a lot of Hollywood and Nollywood stars.

Every February of each year, she visits the Black History Month and people are always looking forward seeing her bonding her Gele. The Mayor of LA recognizes and cherishes her work as well. She has displayed her artwork GELE with the UCLA Museum and has displayed it in New York Broadway.
Zeezat Abiola Amusat is so successful in the business that it has gained recognition from Google.

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