Actor Lateef Adedimeji's Alleged Babymama, Oyin Elebuibon Breaks Silence.

Actor Lateef Adedimeji's Alleged Babymama, Oyin Elebuibon Breaks Silence.

The ongoing relationship between actor Adedimeji Lateef and colleague Mo Bimpe allegedly made the actor's babymama, Oyinkansola Elebuibon, an actress who is also in a depressed mood.

According to Gist Lover, the fast-growing star is not only depressed but is planning to commit suicide.

“…somebody is depressed, somebody is thinking su*cide, should we fire on…Oyin Na Omo baba Awo o…well, this is a very sacred gist they tried to bury, lai mo pe,oku ti lateef sin,else eh ti tu boode (dead body wey lateef bury,him one leg don come out o) Na lateef born Obadamisi wey all of una Dey call Qudus.

Oyin Elebuibon Na actress just getting it right then in the industry,she is also the daughter of a legend,Baba Yemi Elebuibon…keepe sir (long may you live) long story short she and lateef start one thing one thing,Naso lateef nack am belle o then cajolled her into coming to the U.S come born the pikin…

Ever since Oyin left Nigeria, it affected her career, something wey she just dey build, as a man now, Lateef moved on to the next babe, a lot of these industry babes are on his table, even one old aunty (no be the aunty matter carry me come…later things) make we sha no talk too much, e do the Gbola giveaway reach bimpe side, broke up with a lot of girls, even the Kwara aunty sef chop break up, now lateef put this girl life on hold and will be flaunting bimpe and down.

If the girl ask am, him go say nothing dey sup, say bimpe Na just friend, he even made sure aunty Oyin is a obedient wife, him no dey allow that one talk (check her caption for his birthday) it got to a point aunty Oyin was loosing it and depressed but Bimpe Dey like post lateef the more to pepper all her competitors…”

In a video posted on her Instagram page, the actress yelled out her heart in response to the allegations, saying bloggers should leave her alone.

“How do you expect my children’s father to feel, seeing all these you are saying about me and Lateef…he is my very good friend…I didn’t plan to relocate to America till Feb 4, 2018 when i was attacked by my security guy and some others who are now herdsmen….i was almost killed, they came to my house, r*ped my girls, attacked me, used cutlass on me and tried to r*pe me and i was pregnant then which i didn’t was when i went for check up after being attacked by the cutlass that i found out I was pregnant….when i didn’t feel save anymore….i left the country……it was my pregnancy then that kept me sane and dnt make go crazy over that deadly attack…..the father of my kids is here….why cooking up stories and picking comments from our birthday shout outs to make a fake story..”

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